What is it?

This is a crossover roleplay that will be published as a fan-fiction eventually. It's a Dungeons and Dragons crossover.


Feel free to publish your character here. I will do this for those who have already signed up.

  • Vellum
  • weaver's OC

Velvet Remedy (also the dungeon master)

Name: Vellum

Type: Pegasus

Cutie Mark: Blank (because then my destiny is still to be decided).

Backstory: A young travelling merchant pegasus, Vellum enjoys trading items and seeing all the sights the world has to offer, but also wants to adventure with other ponies and maybe someday, save the world... or something like that. However, she is easily manipulated and enjoys when she is forced against her will... occasionally...

Guildmaster Grovyle

Marquis Spearmint de Accumula is a light green alicorn from Canterlot who has not been introduced inMy Little Pony Friendship is Magic. He and his colleagues, Syrah and Golden Age, have spent years in Saddle Arabia as representatives of Princess Celestia, who describes Spearmint as "one of the few ponies they won't look down upon." As a subject of Princess Celestia, he finds it difficult to give Princess Luna the respect she is owed. According to Spearmint himself, this is due to her sudden return, and this disesteem will soon pass.

The Candlekeeper

Race: Earth Pony

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Little is known of this mysterious pony. She is known to be an opportunist that works for whoever pays the most money, with a weak moral compass. She is not above betraying, either, and would make an uneasy ally at best. With the advent of the war, more opportunities then ever has arisen, and she is currently carrying out hit-and-run jobs for a griffon client.


Name: TBA

Race: Pegasus Pony

Gender: Stallion/Male

Occupation: Flyer Athlete

Description: A light-blue colored pegasus with Golden yellow eyes and Mane. Just do what his cutie mark is telling him; Fly every day and never staph because it's your job.


Name:Ze Flutter Butter

Race:Pegasus Pony

Gender:Mare/Felmale (idk why)


Description:A light yellow colored pegasi with blue eyes and a dark yellow main. I do not yet know his cutie mark so yeah. This might change


Name: Colorsplash

Racw: Unicorn

Gender Male

Occupation; Artist

Description: He is a white stallion with yellow and blue hair, he hopes to be one of the best artist ever known. But currently he is in training


Name: Peaceful Treasure

Race: Alicorn

Gender: Female

Occupation: Jack Of All Trades

Alignment: Clinically insane Good

Description: She is a Beautiful Alicorn that does whatever she can to help and be there whenever others are in need. Don't let the name fool you, cross Peaceful or her friends, and you're as good as dead. Due to a freak accident out in Splendid Valley, her coat, mane, tail, and eyes act like a mood ring, changing colors by her emotions, and her thoughts.